The Minimalists

June 13, 2019

Words by Ashlee Trout | Image credit The Minimalists

If you have ever craved simplicity in living with a clutterless life then Minimalism might be for you. The ideology of Minimalism as a movement is, and Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus (also known as The Minimalists) do well in portraying Minimalism in the simplest way possible.

A fundamental premise in the book is that extrinsic values like money, physical possessions and social status have now

exceeded intrinsic reward. They use personal anecdotes to illustrate their own inability to attain meaning in their lives and how the perpetual cycle of mortgage payments, unhealthy relationships, debts and high-pressure careers kept the cycle going.

Minimalism is all about getting people to reclaim their lives by culling excess and focusing on what is essential.

Though not tremendously different from most self-help books they make it very clear and straightforward, being a minimalist is precisely what it is — the incremental reduction of physical, 

digital and emotional baggage. The ideas presented in Minimalism are true to form: eat a healthy, get plenty of sleep, exercise daily and do not invest in toxic relationships.

Millburn and Nicodemus provide direction for small incremental changes that you can make to the daily life that will lead you to own your finances, time and you. Now, instead of buying the physical copy of this book perhaps consider de-cluttering your life and grab the ebook.

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